The PPAI Industry Directory Registration Process
Welcome to The PPAI Industry Directory Registration.
Your new PPAI Associate number will serve to verify you as a qualified company in the promotional products industry. The system will walk you through the steps to build the listing(s) for you and your company correctly in directory.
If you quit or close your browser before the entire registration process is complete, or if you leave the system idle for 40 minutes or more your information will not be saved and you will need to start over.

You can register a new company and add individuals that are employed by that company, or you can add individual(s) to a company already listed in The UPIC Directory.

To register a new company, you will need to provide company primary contact name, address, phone, previous year's promotional products sales volume as well as contact email.

To add individual(s), be prepared with each name, address, phone, email address and job/role. If you have all the required information, click on Next Step and start the registration process!

Registration Progress:
red - need to be completed.
green - completed.
gray - not necessary or skipped.

Basic Company Information
Extended Company Information
Company Affiliations
Choose UPIC Indentifier
Add Primary Contact
Add Company Admin
Add individual